Cairns Termite Control

When termites are found in your premises. Do not start removing sheeting or frame work. This only leads to termites abandoning the site and travelling elsewhere in search of a new food source, which could lead to more unnecessary damage in your premises.

The first thing to do is call SR Pest Control. We will locate the source of the termite damage and derive a termite management plan.

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Annual Termite Inspection

Termites are adaptable creatures they have been known to cross over steel, will breach treated timbers and even eat some hardwoods.  

Having an annual inspection gives you peace of mind. SR Pest Control will thoroughly assess your property and take photos of any problem areas. We will then provide you with a full written report that is easy to read and understand. Click here for further details on our Timber Pest Inspection.

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SR Pest Control Termite Treatment

Once our professional team have carried out our thorough Timber Pest Inspection, SR Pest Control will applying trusted Termidor dust and foam to workings inside the premises and use specially formulated sprays outside to the nests and tunnels. All our products are safe for occupants and their pets and SR Pest Control runs a comprehensive service warranty.

Once Termites Have Been Controlled

The main thing is to make sure your home is constantly protected. Cairns is classed as a high risk zone due to humid, moist environment and proximity to the rainforest. A termite management plan is essential. SR Pest Control are specialists in chemical barriers and monitoring and baiting systemsSee our Barriers and Baiting page for suitable options to effectively and efficiently protect your property from Termites.

Tips To Reduce Termite Attack

We care about your home and these few simple jobs help reduce termite bridging: 

    • Ensure you have your annual inspection carried out by a professional pest controller
    • Ensure 75mm clearance from building foundation to soil level
    • Keep gardens away from your home’s foundations
    • Don’t leave timber lying near or against buildings
    • White ants require moisture, fix leaking taps, pipes and guttering

Termite Management System

Termite Indentification

Heterotermes sp. 

  • Soldiers are 3.5 to 7.5mm in length
  • Have long rectangular heads
  • No obvious teeth on their prominent and dark mandibles 
  • They have slender bodies, move slowly and soldiers in particular, even retreat backwards when threatened

Nasutitermes sp. 

  • 4.5mm long
  • Round head shape and much darker in colour then other termite species 
  • Easily identified by the one sharp point (replacing the mandibles) at the front of their head on the soldier

Schedorhinotermes sp. 

They have a minor and a major solider  

    • 5mm to 7.5mm in length
    • The head is pale to dark brown 
    • The head is bulbous with rounded mandibles 
    • The left mandible has 3 teeth
    • The right mandible has 2. You will only encounter major soldiers in well-established nests 

Coptotermes sp. 

  • 6mm in length
  • Pale yellow-brown body
  • Pear shape head, reddish-brown colour 
  • Has longer curved mandibles.  No secondary teeth. When disturbed, the soldier termite produce a white milky liquid from their mandibles 

Mastotermes darwiniensis  

  • 12mm in length (adults).  They are the largest subterranean termites
  • Greatest potential for destruction 
  • Pale yellow-brown body 
  • Soldiers have reddish-brown heads with short stout mandibles (incisors) 
  • The mandibles have well defined teeth on the ends 
  • Only the left mandible has a second tooth lower down the mandible

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