Cairns Silverfish Control


Silverfish are agile, fast running, scale covered insects that cannot fly. They usually live outside on trees underneath bark. Once inside buildings they will attack paper, photographs, book bindings, cottons, linens and wall paper. Call us today.

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SR Pest Control Silverfish Treatment

  • Thoroughly inspect the property and establish target areas
  • Apply dusts to cracks and voids (roof voids as required)
  • Use selected formulated sprays inside the premises
  • Advise the client on non chemical controls to assist the result and help prevent re-infestation

​​All our products are safe for occupants and their pets and SR Pest Control runs a comprehensive service warranty.

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Silverfish Indentification


  • 12mm in length with a silvery metallic colour
  • Long antennae
  • Three, tail-like appendages at the end of its abdomen

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