Cairns Fly Control

Got flies hanging around your property annoying you while you make dinner or enjoy a BBQ with friends or customers are been pestered while dinning at your establishment. SR Pest Control fly treatments reduce fly number instantly and continue to work with our professional treatments.

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SR Pest Control Fly Treatments

The first step to controlling flies is to identify the type infesting your property. Different species of flies means differing control methods and establish target areas 

  • Use specially formulated sprays inside and outside the premises
  • Use specially designed fly traps in sensitive areas
  • Install fly lights for cafe and restaurant owners.
  • Advise the client on nonchemical controls to assist the result

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Fly Indentification

House Fly

  • Adult length 5-8mm,
  • Thorax is the grey with four thin, black stripes.
  • The abdomen is yellowish with thin black bands and a central stripe.

Blue Bottle Fly

    • Adult length 6.5-10mm
    • Metallic blue shiny colour all over the body

    Grey Striped Fly

      • Adult length 12mm
      • Black and grey stripes running down thorax.
      • Eyes are orange red

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