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Rats and Mice enter a building through small gaps, from under doors, around pipeworks, trees that hang over the roofline and once you face the issue, an efficient and prompt pest control would be your only option because otherwise, rats or mice can cause serious health issues and property damage.

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Pest Control For Rats

The biggest risk with rats and mice in Australia is the property damage they can cause. Rats and mice have to constantly gnaw to wear their teeth down because of the continuous growth of their incisors.

They damage doors, skirting boards and other parts of the buildings, upholstery, books, food containers and parts of equipment or machinery.

The gnawing of wires and cables has caused sort circuits or even worse fires. To prevent this, simply schedule a rodent control service as soon as you notice any signs of rodents.

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SR Pest Control Rodent Treatments

To begin with, your property will be inspected in order for the full extent of the issue to be established. Once the technician know what they are facing, the proper steps to eliminate the issue will be taken:

  • Put baits in child proof secured stations (We have different formulations of baits to suit any situation) and traps and glue boards to reduce the rat population
  • Advise client on a Rodent Management Plan and non chemical controls

All that accounts for a thorough and effective rat control service.  All our products are safe for occupants and their pets and SR Pest Control runs a comprehensive service warranty.

Rodent Solution – Gutter Guard

Aluminium Gutter Guard is an effective way of eliminating rats and mice entering your roof void. See our Gutter Guard page for more details. 

Rodent Indentification

House Mouse

  • Black dusty grey colour
  • 15-18cm long
  • Droppings same size as many insects but contain hair and pointy ends

Norway Rats

  • Brownish red
  • 30-45cm long
  • Small ears, blunt nose, shorter tail
  • Droppings have pointed ends.

Roof Rats

  • Dark grey
  • 35-45cm long
  • Larger ears, pointed nose, longer tail,
  • Droppings have pointed ends.

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