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The three main birds that pose a problem are the Indian Myna and the feral Pigeon and the Sparrow. These pest species cause unsightly mess, their droppings are highly corrosive to metal and paint.

Birds are notorious for carrying mites and lice. SR Pest Control are great at identifying how birds enter your roof and even better at blocking them out. For fast and effective bird removal in Cairns suburbs simply call us today!

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Pest Birds Removal Methods

We use various methods to rid your premises of pest birds. Among these methods are Bird Netting, Perimeter Roof Proofing (Gutter Guard), Bird Spikes, Bird Slopes, Electric Track Systems and Baiting Programs. 

Solar Panel Mesh

Solar panel mesh is made from a durable, high quality stainless steel, that will withstand to the harsh Cairns sun. Our system attaches to your solar panels using a clip locking system (no drilling or screwing or glue). This product does not effect any Solar panel warranty or damage your Solar Panel System in any way.

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Bird Netting

This netting is made of heavy duty polypropylene fibre, highly resistant to ultraviolet rays and once installed is virtually undetectable. Our netting is suitable for sidewalk awnings, loading docks, sheds, undercover playgrounds and almost any building to make it impossible for pest birds to gain access. 

Aluminium Gutter Guard

By proofing the perimeter of the roof, pest birds and even rodents find it impossible to gain access to your building via the roof. This gutter guard is made from aluminium and has a powder coat finish, which can be matched to the colour of your roof. It is strong and will not warp or burn. This is the most compatible protection against pest birds for all roofing types. For more information

Bird Spikes

Having bird spikes in place will prevent birds from being able to land. There are two material they are made out of stainless steel and a polycarbonate. The polycarbonate is used when electrical equipment is present and comes in a variety of colour for aestheticsOur bird spikes are very adaptable due their flexibility and different fixture methods either screws or adhesive glue, enables us to install these spikes on almost any surface like business signage, beams, lights, pipes, ledges, security cameras and any other place they may try to find a foothold. 

Bird Slopes

Bird Slopes are a physical deterrent, creating a ‘slippery slope’ that birds will not be able to land on. Bird slopes are inconspicuous and ideal for I-beams and 90 degree ledges. 

Electric Track System

An effective deterrents against all bird species, is the Electric Shock Track System. It is made from pure aluminium wires and will not be effected by UV rays. The track is clear and transparent and is very flexible so it can be adapted to the design of any building and bonds to variety of surfaces. Ideal on concrete, marble, stone, PVC, wood, steel and aluminium (used where you are not able to fasten other types of bird systems).  

Baiting Program

Where there is a large population of pest birds, baiting can be used. Bait is set in places birds roost or feed and are checked every 24 hours. Initially birds are fed on untreated grain in a secluded area. Once their confidence is gained, they are fed a grain that has been treated with a narcotic substance. This enables easy capture of the birds. Birds that are caught are euthanized according to government regulations.

SR Pest Control runs a comprehensive service warranty.

Bird Indentification


  • Pigeons are homing birds. They will stay near to their birth place. Once finding a safe nesting place, they will attract other pigeons to the area. Effective long-term management centres on preventing birds gaining access to roosting and nesting sites.
  • Medium sized bird. 
  • Blue-grey with a white rump, feral pigeons can also display white, brown or grey plumage
  • Iridescent feathers on its head and neck. 

Myna Birds

  • Indian Mynas are quite aggressive. They attack native birds, killing them, depriving them of nesting hollows, killing nestlings and competing for food.
  • Medium-sized bird with body 23-26cm long,
  • Feathers are brown with glossy black head, neck, upper breast, distinctive white patches are visible under the wing when in flight.
  • Beak is bright yellow, as are eye skin, legs, feet

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